Cost Saving

Capital Cost Saving

Computer Vision Algorithms dramatically reduce system requirements and human involvement. Instead of processing solid datastream within conventional systems, Computer Vision systems allow for less IT-intensive processing of meta-frames of alarming events, and text description.

Video Surveillance System


Computer Vision System

+ 100x more effective - 70% less costly

Implementation of effective computer vision means less servers, bandwidth, human interventions and capital costs (CAPEX).


Unique technology of video analytics for panoramic cameras allows customers to cut down expenses on the number of cameras required to protect an important object.

Operational Cost Saving

Choosing the right sensitivity is a tough dilemma of video surveillance systems: the more sensitive target detection is – the more false alarms are generated. The best solution is taking advantage of neural networks. Computer Vision by SENESYS has the lowest rate of false alarms through the use of field-tested self-learning neural networks with built-in functions of subtraction for backgrounds, shadows, insects, glare, plants and other natural phenomena.

Security systems generating too many false alarms turn out to be too expensive to operate and hence senseless. But how many false alarms is actually too much?

1 False alarm per 1 Camera per 1 Hour is not a lot?
  • Perimeter protection of 4 x 2,5 km site requires 200 cameras (50 ÷ 65m distance);
  • 200 Cameras X 1 False alarm per Hour per Camera X 24 h = 4’800 False alarms per 24 hours;
  • Robust false alarm management requires 32 surveillance operators.

Typical operator`s salary is 1000$-6000$ per month, which means those false alarms will cost the owner of the facility $32 000 – $190 000 per month.

Orwell CNN algorithms
0.05 false alarms per 24-h shift

Orwell Advanced algorithms
1 false alarms per 24-h shift

Standard VDM
6437 false alarms per 24-h shift

Installation and Exploitation
Cost Saving

Installation and configuration of the Orwell video analytics system does not require special skills and can be done independently by the Customer. This is the key difference of our system from the others.

With this approach, the Customer saves on installation and technical support of the Orwell security system.

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Innovative and intuitive interface is easy to work with even for unskilled personnel.

This way we help the Customer cut down expenses for staff training.

Integration Cost Saving

Our solution is a fully integrated ecosystem for ensuring security of any facility from any threat, incident or danger.

We completely relieve the Customer of the additional costs of integrating heterogeneous technological. In addition, the Customer will be able to save on equipment, due to the extensive breadth of coverage of the Orwell-R radar.

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