Orwell-T Orwell-T
Thermal Imaging
All-round Locator

Orwell-T was designed to detect and track multiple targets simultaneously at ranges beyond the fence line, making it possible to intercept them before actual intrusion



Orwell-T is an automatic 24/7 all weather system for ensuring security of strategic facilities, their sites and approaches using continuous thermal imaging and video surveillance.

Orwell-T automatically detects moving targets and analyzes the thermal image.The system projects their location onto the electronic map and informs the operator about targets in real-time mode.

Orwell-T user interface


The Orwell-T is based on Orwell computer vision algorithms that allow processing of thermal image and video information.

This helps detect targets on land and on the surface of water bodies in complex environments and conditions (fog, vegetation, sunlight intensity changes, insects appearing in the frame, changing lighting conditions such as flashes from headlights, vibration, etc...).

Orwell-T user interface


Automatic detection and classification of moving targets by thermal imaging analysis.

Displaying snapshots/pictograms of moving targets/ongoing events on the map of the facility.

Alerting the operator both via audio and visual means in the event of an alarm Self-testing algorithm alerts the operator of any failures in any element of the system.

Searching the log/video archive by time, target class, camera number, event and operator’s comment.

Detected targets

Group of people


Thermal imager Video camera Rotary platform Data processing and analyzing unit (IP-66) Operator workstation with the pre-installed software

Product line

Orwell-T 100 Orwell-T 200 Orwell-T 300 Orwell-T 500 Orwell-T 700
Detection range in automatic mode, m
up to 100 up to 450
up to 200 up to 1,000
up to 300 up to 1,500
up to 500 up to 2,300
up to 700 up to 3,000

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