Retail and
Public Security Solution

The solution allows businesses to monitor key operational information and make timely decisions.

This unique system provides bi-directional visitor-counting for shops and public places with built-in video analytics.


  • Accuracy of 98%
  • Advanced Video Analytics Algorithms
  • Stable data flow without any gaps
  • Autonomous solution
  • Works with any browser
  • Crowded Detection systems


  • Real-time control over the business
  • Staff supervision, higher KPI
  • Identification of effective promotion
  • Assessment of managerial work on the spot
  • Forecasting for future periods
  • Sales increase due to successful objects analysis
  • Fair bonuses based on accurate conversion index
  • Convenient analysis of long-term business metrics
  • Growth strategy planning reduced or extended presence
Purposes of Use

Effectively counts visitors, earnings,
spend and conversion

Retail & Public Security

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Used by companies of all sizes around the world