Leading Technology:
Multispectral Computer Vision
powered by AI

This technology is the result of fusion of Thermal Imaging analysis ( Orwell-T), Radar surveillance and Video Imaging Analytics.

Powered by Orwell VMS integration platform all these systems operate as a single unit embodying the virtual perimeter concept.

Base Technology:
Multispectral Computer Vision

Unified Data Processing for all data sources
Efficient in all environments and conditions

Proprietary Hardware
and Software for MCV

Thermal & Video
GIS visualization of ORWELL
MVC IoT platform
Thermal & Video
Traffic Control


360 degree Radar detection system with ranges up to 3,000 m
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360 degree Thermal & Video analytical detection system with up to 2,500 m detection range
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Traffic Safety system enables detection of multitudinous violations including: Speeding, Red light control, Stop line control, Lane control, Wrong direction, Unauthorized parking, Parking time control, Public transport lane control, etc.
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Video Analytical engine to detect all critical events and situations based on CNN video analytical algorithms
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Orwell System Architecture
Multilayer Ecosystem


Embedded Neuro Algorithms:
Cutting edge technology
of the latest generation
of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)

Transforming knowledge for Future Applications
Advanced Deep Learning Library for millions images. Each installation becomes a new page in the library.
The system gets smarter with each installation.
Technologies Individuals Groups Vehicles False Alarms
Thousands of CVA algorithms and trained CNNs to achieve the ultimate detection probability of 98,5% with the industry lowest False Alarm level.
Human Face recognition Groups Fire and fumigation Abandoned objects Tossed over objects Vehicles Vessels Counting objects over a line Crowds Camera being covered License plate Running a red light Road traffic counting Speed measurement Prohibited stop Entering oncoming traffic line Driving in prohibited direction Prohibited pedestrian crossing •••

Filtering False Alarms caused by natural
phenomena, such as

Filtering False Alarms caused by natural phenomena, such as shadow Height
Shadows Animals Wind Waves Traffic High grass Trees Snow Insects

Collecting all data at any weather conditions

Collecting all data at any weather conditions 24/7 Faces Direction Location Speed Time Photo Numbers Type
of violation
of road event

Multiplatform system-on-a-chip:
Computer Vision Systems based on
28 nm process

Designed for

IoT devices, smart cities, video analysis systems, retail, augmented reality, multimedia, security, transport infrastructure, communication devices, navigation devices, industrial electronics.
ELISE processor is a multiplatform system-on-a-chip (SoC) based on 28nm process.

  • ELISE SoC comprises several processor cores used for execution of tasks of varying intensity, a set of IP-blocks for processing high definition video streams with stereo image support capability, a 8-core DSP cluster for video analysis tasks, a high-performance GPU and a multi-standard navigation core.
  • The chip is multifunctional and can be used for working with convolution neural networks or as the main processor for tablet PCs, PCs, air drones and other devices.
Powerful and programmable microchip for Computer Vison with embedded CNN algorithms reduces system and bandwidth requirements, as well as human involvement.
It was designed with a new kind of IoT devices in mind.

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